HATAKA HTK-CS94 Late WW2 German AFV paint set (8 x 17 ml)


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The early war overall Dunkelgrau livery of German AFVs was officially changed in February 1943, when the Dunkelgelb (dark yellow) base paint was introduced (at that point without an assigned RAL number), which was to be camouflaged in field units using Olivegrün (from RLM register, later registered as RAL 6003) and Rotbraun (RAL 8017) paints. The Dunkelgelb itself was soon registered as RAL 7028. It is believed that its tone was changed at least twice – with assignment of RAL 7028 number (in March 1943 – previously it was known as „Dunkelgelb nach Muster”) and later in 1944 („Ausgabe 1944”). Alternative camouflage colours of RAL 6007 and RAL 8012 were also used. In January 1945 base colour was changed for the last time to RAL 6003 Olivegrün.

Contains the following colours (lacquer based paints, optimised for use with airbrush):

  • HTK-C310 – Dunkelgelb nach Muster – Standard base colour of German vehicles from latest February 1943 (official introduction) till being phased out by RAL 840R – 7028
  • HTK-C244 – Dunkelgelb – RAL 840R – 7028, standard base and camouflage colour of German vehicles from March 1943 when the RAL number was assigned
  • HTK-C250 – Dunkelgelb (Ausgabe 1944) – RAL 840R – 7028 (Ausgabe 1944), standard base and camouflage colour of German vehicles observed from late-1944 till end of war
  • HTK-C169 – Olivegrün (Green, RLM62) – RAL 840R – 6003, standard camouflage colour of German vehicles between 1943-45. Since January 1945 official base colour
  • HTK-C147 – Rotbraun (Chocolate Brown) – RAL 840R – 8017, standard camouflage colour of German vehicles between 1943-45. Used in 2- and 3-colour camouflage schemes
  • HTK-C298 – Grün – RAL 840R – 6007, according to known research between 1943-45 often used on German AFVs as a substitute of Olivegrün
  • HTK-C175 – Red Primer Base – RAL 840R – 8012, standard primer paint used on various German AFVs throughout the war. In 1945 often used as a camouflage base
  • HTK-A153 – Acrylic Temporary White – Washable (temporary) matt paint used to cover selected areas in improvised winter camouflage of various German AFVs during WW2

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